Red & White:Wedding Photography Sunderland

The groom’s love of Sunderland A.F.C decided the colour scheme and his wife-to-be made sure everything looked stunning on the day…a great match I’d say! With the sun shining (yes, it does shine up north sometimes!), we were able to make the most of the grounds. The shade of the trees produced some beautiful images. Congratulations to the happy couple. Looking forward to more wedding photography in Sunderland soon.

NatWayne004.jpgNatWayne016.jpgNatWayne030.jpgNatWayne029.jpgNatWayne064.jpgNatWayne045.jpgNatWayne071.jpgNatWayne075.jpgNatWayne076.jpgNat and Wayne Thanks.jpg